Saturday, February 7, 2015

Final Finish of 2014~

Thanks to the Engineering Wife,
who so kindly took out my 
messed up stitches,
I finished up my 
second pair of adult socks!!

They were my final finish in 2014..
of anything ;)

But I have been wearing them a lot
and they are holding up well.
Much of 2015 has been BeLoW zero...yep, for real.

The Pilot Man offered to buy me new socks,
because I am a wee bit slow
with the knitting needles.
But, I think he misses the point.

These are a bit of an experiment,
but I love having socks that fit my funny feet..
and keep them warm!

Supersocke 100
100 Gram/ 420 Meter
Sportive-Color Fingering Wt.
75% Wool, 25% Polyamid 
Long-tail cast on 64 stitches
6.25" Cuff
*Creative Add-ons*
9 straight knit rows between cuff and heel
One heel ribbed, one not (fits better)
8" heel to begin of toe

Guess it is time to take the tree down now.....

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014, A Lovely Year of Finishes~

Thanks for the encouragement, everyone!

It helped to keep me focused and finishing projects!

These were Lovely Year of Finishes that I posted about:

1) Intention  January
2) Lens Bag  February
3)  Explore  March
4)  Presence   April
6)  Sew-Together Bag  June
7) Fireweed Travel Bag  August
8)  Grand Canyon Suite  October

They may not have been huge, but they were done!
I did set my goal,  then finished this stocking in November.
Just didn't work to post
 I was lucky enough to deliver it to a
special little guy.
I think it was worth being away from the computer 
to be able to see the family!

I didn't even attempt a goal in September after looking at
our trusty calendar.

And there was also one failure :(
in July, but I ended up finishing other projects,
so I can live with that!

It has been a filled year for us all.

Thank you,
Thank you 
for organizing the 
Lovely Year of Finishes

A Lovely Year of Finishes

and to the sponsors 
who made the wonderful prizes possible for everyone.

In May I won Meadow Mist Design's
Paper Pieced Numbers and Pi Quilt
and On a "Jelly" Roll

In August I was a winner of one of
creative patterns, Dizzying Diamonds,

and I am looking forward to my October win
The Brooklyn Bag pattern.

The will be fun projects to make in 2015!!

Happy New Year everyone!!

I hope it is full of Lovely's for you.....

Monday, December 29, 2014

Final 2014 Finish for the Lovely Year of Finishes~

It has been an amazing year,
full of sweet blessings 


many finishes!

I finished my December block
the Ribbon Star by Lee Heinrich
in Honeydew, Cardinal Red and Clover

then had the bright idea to take it to the beach,
for a seasonal picture.

The sand moisture was freezing up on the calm, +20 degree day.

The water was moving in it's slow "gelatin" form,
which I think is neat to watch.

So I thought, "Hey, let's put it by the edge here for contrast.  
What is the worst that could happen?"

The answer came on a breeze as the blocks lifted
and one flew into the Bering Sea.
Luckily, it didn't go too far and the slow-moving water
made it easy to pluck.

The extra weight and moisture helped the blocks 
stay in place for more pictures!

The wet one froze and held the dry block 

Without the splash of color from the blocks,
the seascape was multiple shades 
of white on white.

I hope you have had a year full of good things,
and finished projects!

Thanks so MuCh to Shanna and Melissa
for again hosting the 
Lovely Year of Finishes!

Please check out the other projects here..

Best Wishes in 2015 to you all.....

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Final Finish Up Month and Goal Setting for 2014~

Have you been "elfing" for a while?
Getting everything ready for the holidays?

It is a busy time of the year!
One of my goals is to get the final block finished and 
in the mail for our
Color Adventure.

Here it is half-way done.  
I love it more with every added month.

I hope you get time for yourself
to enjoy
and absorb
this special time of year!

I am linking up
for the final month
at a

Lovely Year of Finishes.

Please stop by and check out the other projects!

Friday, November 7, 2014

This Month's Challenge~

In our family,
I get to make stockings for the holidays.

It seems to take as long as 
a full-sized quilt does, but they bring back a lot of 
memories all hung up.

This month I have a couple to start and finish.
The bigger challenge, though, 
might be connecting online at the end of month
when they are done.

Our big plan is to get the family
all together for Thanksgiving!  
Our kids, families, and a few friends
will come from all directions
to celebrate.

I had better get to sewing before it is time
to start traveling!

Do you have plans?

Please stop by Melissa and Shanna's 
blogs to see what everyone is working on.....

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Good-bye October, Good-bye~

 I guess, like it or not, 
it is time to kiss October good-bye.

Those rich fall colors have faded into darker tones.

Time to remember days that have past,

in warm, sunny places.

My October block is 
Grand Canyon Suite 
from Judy Martin's Ultimate Book of Quilt Block Patterns.
I used my version of autumn desert colors:
Kona Kumquat,
Corn Yellow,
and Valentine Pink

They were inspired by our trip to 
the Grand Canyon in 
October, 2012.

October is also Tammy's birthday month
so we celebrated it 
with a GrAnd AdvEntuRe.....

I am linking up with 

Hosted by Melissa and Shanna!
Please stop by to check out the other projects.
Maybe you will find the perfect holiday gift inspiration.....

Sunday, October 5, 2014

An October Goal~

I have a pattern picked out,
and three colors chosen
from the Kona cottons in my basket.

Did you notice the frost underneath it? ;-)

It is time to get October's blocks done 
for our 
Color Adventure!!

Since the person who will receive one of the blocks
reads this


I will have to wait to show the details.
But that set of blocks
is my goal.

Time to get back to stitching.....

October's Goal Setting Party 
can be found here ~

Come check out what everyone is doing
now that summer is over!