Monday, June 30, 2014

A June Finish~

You have probably seen many version of this bag 

It seems to be popping up all over.

At the beginning of  June I chose this bag as my goal 
and have come up with this version..

I finally decided to make my first one using only things I had on hand.
Two winters ago I was wandering in Walmart and spotted
 Fat Quarter bundles on sale for $7.
These fabrics were bright and cheerful on that winter day,
and the fabric was a good quality,
so I bought both bundles and saved them for "Someday".

I added a few other fabrics and began using them in a 
Row Along last summer.
But I wasn't loving it.
Rather than invest anymore time in blocks I didn't love,
I set them aside.

Some of those are now Sewn Together in a bag!

None of my zippers are the same size..
but I wanted these colors and 
had to use my things from home.

Because the top zipper was shorter than the pattern suggested, 
I added 4" to each handles.

Inside was full of happy colors!

I like how everything can be zipped in for travel.

I can't wait to use this bag to take advantage of its organizational pockets!

The handles may be a bit too large, 
but they will be easy to snag on the go.

When I make my next one I will hand sew the bindings.  
I am never happy when I sew them by machine. 
Other than that, I am pleased with the outcome.
It was a well-written pattern
and a great idea.....

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