Monday, June 23, 2014

A New Kind of Stitiching~

Have you ever wanted to learn a new skill.
For a really long time?

Knitting socks has been on my learn to do list for years!
And years!

I have knit three things before-
a bag and dishcloth-- following directions,
and an Icelandic sweater with a teacher helping me.
But, I love the knit socks I have seen and wanted to try some.

On my trip I went into a yarn shop who had a sign about a 
free class..
two days before I arrived :-(

As I was bemoaning my timing, the sales person said, 
"Oh Jen will be in tomorrow, she can 
teach you then."

So I picked out some yarn and needles.

And they wound it into lovely, calorie-free cakes.

The next day I came back and Jen started me off.
I tried to keep the stitches looser than my usually snug fit.

After a morning of stitching, I had it completed to the toe.
She was a very patient teacher!

I returned after my delightful lunchtime flight,
and Jen showed me how to do the toe.

By that night I had the first one finished.
So exciting!

The second one I did entirely on my own.
Yes, they are a little loose, 
a little loopy,
and way to big for the little person I intended them for.
They were so small that it was a fairly quick travel project.

But, I will admit that I was awfully happy with the
pair when I finished 
while waiting at the connecting airport!

Luckily I had yarn with me to practice on another pair--
one size smaller.....

Plymouth Select DK Merino Superwash 50 Grams/130 YDS
Size 2 DPN

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  1. The socks are adorable. I love the contrasting toes and trim around the cuff. They look very soft. Luckily, little feet grow bigger so they will probably fit someday.


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