Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January Lovely Year of Finishes Completed~

Intention, my January Sugar Block is completed!
sweet flowers and pattern.

I didn't know how the month would play out,
or how much time I would get to free sew,
so set this block as my January Goal.
And happily, it is done.

A little side note...it was +40 F when I took the pictures on the river.
Just a tich warmer than usual on a January day!

Come join us for a year of finishes
or hop on over to catch some inspiration
with Shanna and Melissa and all.....

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Crazy Pinwheels~

I think this quilt may be one of my All-WaYS favorites!
Partly because of the memories that go with it...

I carried the top to Oregon where I met up with college roomies.
We went to a Barn Dance at the Oregon Gardens.
then spent the night the garden resort.

(Don't you love their perfect garden gate headboard?)

My long-time friend, Tammy, came and picked me up
and we toured the fun little Silverton burg
before heading south to drop the top in Brownville.

June and John at Quiltmasters quilted this up during my too short week 
in Oregon
so I could hand-carry it home.
Yes, I GrAtE-Full!!

I used an assortment of 30's, old flour sacks and reproduction fabrics
that I had been collecting for years.
It was a great stash buster, but I love these fabrics and want to do 
more with similar ones.

When I couldn't find the pinwheel pattern I wanted, I drafted one like I "remembered"
and started stitching.
About a month after the quilt was finished I found "The" pattern....

Let's just say, I can still make the one I found without repeating the pattern I made ;0)
Memories hmmm....

But, I love how it turned out just the way it is.
And, two of the best parts--
I learned a lot by trying new things with this project
it reminds me of fabulous people.

It is a pretty special finish.....

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Stitchin' for Warmth~

The Nursing Daughter brought her dog home for the month she was here.
He is from the Banana Belt and may 
have been a little challenged by our arctic breeze!

He also is really hard to see in the dark,
like a black ghost with shiny eyes.

So she made him a warm wrap of her own design.

It was fleece-lined,
and reflective.
Up-cycled, and creative!

Now, something for those toes.....

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

First Quarter Goals~

I am going to give this a try.  

The monthly goals in the Lovely Year of Finishes 
were a hUgE motivation to get projects completed.
So I am taking it one step further  and setting some quarterly goals.

Have you seen the economy block going around?
Doesn't it look fun?
I really want to try the blocks, but need to get some house projects done.
Here is my compromise..
a bathroom rug,  (classy I know), using these fabrics
in an economy block quilt.
Washable, appealing and I get something in the colors I am looking for!

A quilt top..
stars and nine-patch
aqua, red, pink and white.  
I have been collecting these colors for a while.
Some of them are a little older, but I still love them.

Looks like I have some happy stitching ahead of me!

I am linking up 
with others (who have amazing lists)
at the Littlest Thistle.....

Finish Along 2014

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Final Finishes of 2013~

Before 2013 came to a close
I finished up a few more projects!

I am really glad to have them move to 
the Finished List!

A lunch bag with Joel Dewberry fabrics.
These have always been a favorite color combination!

A little bag for a brand-new one year old.
I used a couple of Riley Blake FQ's and an
alphabet print.
It also contained a little pair of jammers (racing swim suit)
and snack gear.

And for a sweet little girl..
cupcakes to go with her suit!

Have you ever used these little "suckers"?  
They are strong little magnets.
I put fleece on the outside of both sides to make them a little
easier to open for tiny fingers.  
They seem to work really well.

Does anyone know if they will harm phones or credit cards?
They would be a nice addition to adult bags if they are safe near magnetic components.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Aragon Bag~

The Aragon Bag is another fabulous pattern by 

I am hoping it turns out to be an outstanding diaper bag as well.
Only time, and a healthy new baby will 
give us an idea about that part!

I love how many pockets and organizational aids are in this bag.

A roomy zippered pocket on the back,
elastic pockets on each end on the outside...and the inside.
A large, flapped hands-free pocket on the front,
two more, large pockets inside,
and lastly, another zippered pocket inside.

I added a D-ring along the inside zipper for keys,
a dry bag for..well..wet things,
a little snap wallet/phone wristlet for her,
credit card/metro case for him,
and sweet baby things for the new one to come.

The fabrics are outdoor, weather resistant types that I hope will be durable.
They can be cleaned with a damp rag, and should hold up 
for busy professional parents on the go.

Have bag, can travel.....

Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 Goal Setting~

After much deliberation
and flip-flopping
I have decided..

and I am sticking to it..

I think..

My January goal is to complete the January Sugar Block,


from some of these fabrics.

Now, I just have to decide which ones !

Linking up for 2014 with Shanna and Melissa.....

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Lovely Year of Finishes Round Up~

If you are thinking about starting,
but don't know if you really want to or not...

Sometimes declaring a goal PubliCLy 
gives does give you a little more incentive.
Often I let myself slide,
but for six months didn't,
because I had made a commitment to others!

It helped more than you know...

Please come join us!

It is so nice to move projects from the WIP
to the COMpleTED pile!

HaPpY DaNcE on over to start in 2014.....