Sunday, January 26, 2014

Crazy Pinwheels~

I think this quilt may be one of my All-WaYS favorites!
Partly because of the memories that go with it...

I carried the top to Oregon where I met up with college roomies.
We went to a Barn Dance at the Oregon Gardens.
then spent the night the garden resort.

(Don't you love their perfect garden gate headboard?)

My long-time friend, Tammy, came and picked me up
and we toured the fun little Silverton burg
before heading south to drop the top in Brownville.

June and John at Quiltmasters quilted this up during my too short week 
in Oregon
so I could hand-carry it home.
Yes, I GrAtE-Full!!

I used an assortment of 30's, old flour sacks and reproduction fabrics
that I had been collecting for years.
It was a great stash buster, but I love these fabrics and want to do 
more with similar ones.

When I couldn't find the pinwheel pattern I wanted, I drafted one like I "remembered"
and started stitching.
About a month after the quilt was finished I found "The" pattern....

Let's just say, I can still make the one I found without repeating the pattern I made ;0)
Memories hmmm....

But, I love how it turned out just the way it is.
And, two of the best parts--
I learned a lot by trying new things with this project
it reminds me of fabulous people.

It is a pretty special finish.....


  1. It's great when a quilt can pack in so many memories. The colors are great and I really like the angled corners.

  2. Wow! That is gorgeous!!!! Love, love, love the colors and pattern!


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