Saturday, February 7, 2015

Final Finish of 2014~

Thanks to the Engineering Wife,
who so kindly took out my 
messed up stitches,
I finished up my 
second pair of adult socks!!

They were my final finish in 2014..
of anything ;)

But I have been wearing them a lot
and they are holding up well.
Much of 2015 has been BeLoW zero...yep, for real.

The Pilot Man offered to buy me new socks,
because I am a wee bit slow
with the knitting needles.
But, I think he misses the point.

These are a bit of an experiment,
but I love having socks that fit my funny feet..
and keep them warm!

Supersocke 100
100 Gram/ 420 Meter
Sportive-Color Fingering Wt.
75% Wool, 25% Polyamid 
Long-tail cast on 64 stitches
6.25" Cuff
*Creative Add-ons*
9 straight knit rows between cuff and heel
One heel ribbed, one not (fits better)
8" heel to begin of toe

Guess it is time to take the tree down now.....