Saturday, February 7, 2015

Final Finish of 2014~

Thanks to the Engineering Wife,
who so kindly took out my 
messed up stitches,
I finished up my 
second pair of adult socks!!

They were my final finish in 2014..
of anything ;)

But I have been wearing them a lot
and they are holding up well.
Much of 2015 has been BeLoW zero...yep, for real.

The Pilot Man offered to buy me new socks,
because I am a wee bit slow
with the knitting needles.
But, I think he misses the point.

These are a bit of an experiment,
but I love having socks that fit my funny feet..
and keep them warm!

Supersocke 100
100 Gram/ 420 Meter
Sportive-Color Fingering Wt.
75% Wool, 25% Polyamid 
Long-tail cast on 64 stitches
6.25" Cuff
*Creative Add-ons*
9 straight knit rows between cuff and heel
One heel ribbed, one not (fits better)
8" heel to begin of toe

Guess it is time to take the tree down now.....


  1. That's a great shot of your socks. They look as bright as the Christmas lights in the background and wonderfully cozy. Sometimes hand knitted socks look oddly shaped, but yours look as though they hug your foot nicely.

  2. Super cute photo of your socks and they look perfect. I wish I knew how to knot sock.s

  3. Pozdravljeni, gospe in gospoda.

    Želijo, da se določi, da vaše finančne težave vseh vrst? Jaz sem posojilodajalec, priznano mednarodno za moja dejanja pomoči za podjetja.

    Imam ambicije, da bi vse ljudi v finančne težave.

    Prosim, da me kontaktirate po e-pošti za več informacij.
    socialne, moje obveznosti.


  4. I love the look of hand knit socks but lack the patience. Are they truly comfortable? blessings, marlene


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