Monday, August 25, 2014

A Little August Finish~

A few short weeks ago
it was the beginning of August...

Where did those days go?

into a make-up bag for traveling.

I drew an oval to use as a pattern for the top and bottom,
then lined it with PUL for water resistance. 

It is tall enough for travel bottles, tooth paste, etc.
and has a pocket in the lid 
that is wide and flat.

The vinyl pockets have bias on the top and bottom
but are only sewn between the pockets.
They are located just above the bottom
so the pockets can be washed out and not get that
dreaded travel build-up!
The "floor" of the bag keeps items in their place.

Dirty running clothes can even go into
 the center so they don't 
touch clean things in her gear bag!

It was all loaded and ready to roll
back for  o n e  m o r e  semester.....

Yeowzer, did summer go fast!

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  1. Wow! That is amazing! What a great bag. Love the vinyl pockets. The fabric is so pretty. My daughter will wear different color socks too! Girls are too cute!

  2. The bag really looks great. I like the pocket in the lid. Is the PUL fabric hard to work with?


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