Friday, April 25, 2014

April in a Year of Finishes~

It has been a busy April for everyone it seems!
While I didn't get through everything on my list for the month,
I was happy to finish what I did.

This was first on the list~

Presence from the Sugar Block Club

April Showers of the frozen kind!
But I do love the contrast of the flowers on the white.

The simple Presence block was a perfect one for April.

Can't wait to see what block is next!

I am linking up at the
Lovely Year of Finishes.
You can check out everyone's finishes here~

I can't believe it is almost May.....


  1. I have never seen that block before. I really like it! Please tell me I am not seeing snow under your blocks!

  2. Beautiful blocks! I love the patterns and the fabrics you've chosen work so well for a soft quilt


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