Thursday, December 5, 2013

Learning Something New~

Because it is the season of busy and I need something else 
to do...,
I am taking a class and learning something new.

Felting and wool have always interested me,
so when the local  UAF campus offered a course
in wet and dry felting,
I signed up.

The instructor is from Finland
and has a shared position between  their  college
and Alaska's universities.

She is also the Rangeland Management professor
who teaches courses relating to raising reindeer
for profit and subsistence.

The first night we talked about the process
then practiced on some little projects..

Wet-felted wool balls
and a needle-punched ornament ? tag?
I might need a little more practice,
but it is was a fun evening with good folks.

Can't wait to see what we try next.....

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