Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Little Organizing~

Our Mudroom..

It is called that because mud, snow, muck, etc. hits the house here first!
Everyone drops their coats, snowpants, boots for all seasons,
hats, gloves, groceries...
you get the idea.

Several years ago I carefully built a seat/storage bench.
It was sanded, stained and carefully varathaned so it would last forever.
Then life happened.
Boots were put on it to lace up, wood was thrown on it,
dings and dents began to show.

Really, what did I expect.
I was the one who always wanted an indestructible Mudroom
where we didn't have to be careful.

But, the "stuff" from at least six people and their dog, was too much piling!
So I decided to make cubbies.
It looks functional, and it is, without being prissy
so no one has to worry.

Function over fashion.

I worked on it a bit in the winter inside
then moved outside when the weather warmed.

I had always admired Annie Sloan paints and was tickled
when I found some in Bonners Ferry in March.
Sadly the shade turned out to be too orange ...

In June the Nursing Daughter and I went to Anchorage and spent over
one hour choosing a red.
Thank goodness for those little samples and patient staff!
We knew we had to repaint the wood shed so chose a red to do both--
Behr's Daredevil Red!

It didn't stay this clean too long,
but it is sure helping with our organization.

Best of all, it is done.....

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  1. This looks like a great solution. I really like the color.

  2. Very nice! Good idea adding the the angled piece on the front to help everything stay inside. Love the red. ~Sherri, sherri@threadridinghood.com


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