Monday, March 17, 2014



I had a little help with it ;-)

The directions for the block are very clear
and I love how it turned out.

 I like to wait until all of my blocks are done
to trim them,
so the extra points are still there.
It doesn't look great for pictures, but that is how I operate.

I am imagining different settings for the blocks.
There are still many months and blocks to go.
What is planned??

No matter which setting is used,
I think they will look happy.....


  1. Look at that little pumpkin! Love the block! It turned out beautiful What a fun and happy quilt this will be.

  2. You know they're wonderful when Miss Sweetness gives her seal of approval. Your fabric choices are wonderful. I keep putting off starting mine because I can't make up my mind about the fabric.

  3. Sooooo adorable! And the block is too. What a sweetie helping you out! I love your blocks so far! Very cute.
    xo jan

  4. Beautiful blocks the fabrics are so happy and cheerful. And the little helper, adorable!
    I do the same and trim my blocks and they are all finished.


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