Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dress Up~

I bought this material
and a dress pattern a year ago,
then set it aside.

Does anyone have a problem with sewing clothes 
when you don't know if they will fit?
Wouldn't a friendly model be nice!

Before Miss Sweetness left,
I was determined to give a little girl's dress a go.
Since little ones grow so fast, I figured it didn't have to be perfect,
and I could always try again.

Since she loves one of her Auntie's headbands, I copied the headband
and made Miss Sweetness one of her own.

To get a dress size I took a top she has been wearing and 
drew a pattern.
Good thing I didn't go with the sizing on the purchased pattern!!
She could have worn it in a few year's..

I tried the dress on to find out where to hem it,
 but Miss Sweetness was pretty busy.
The Clover Wonder Clips were a big help.  I would hate to
"Pin" her!

Can you see what she is playing with?
She loves the buttons on the machine and would happily keep pushing them.

Silly, but the dress was much more challenging to make than a quilt,

and maybe a little harder to photograph ;-) 

I guess I had better practice sewing dresses while she will wear just about
In ten years, she might not be so happy to 
wear what I make.....


  1. The fabric is perfect for spring. I love that you made a matching headband. Cute label. Does Miss Sweetness call you GG?

  2. Oh good for you! It is had to get them to stay in one place. I tied to make clothes for the grands, did not work out so I headed to Carters!!


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