Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Half of February's Color Adventure~

For my February Color Adventure block, I wanted to do something
It is the Valentine month after all ;-)!

So I scrapped the block I  had started and pulled out three Kona colors;
mulberry, cardinal red and candy pink.
Finding a pattern that was Valentine-ish was harder than I expected.
I wanted arrows or flowers or???
but no hearts.

Through an online search I found about.com.quilt
and the Flying All Around block.
But it had a chunky 6.5" piece of fabric for the center...
I pulled out my BrANd New (thanks, Jane
Farmer's Wife book
and found Wild Roses and square to fill that spot.

My idea of a valentine..
Arrows of Love circling a bouquet of flowers.
(note- those are fox prints above)

I was so tickled to finish, and skipped out to take pictures before the sun disappeared.

And discovered I had a problem..
 (hear the music change?)


So back to the machine and ripper I went.

Problem solved.

The wind was beginning to blow,
and this block set to fly off to Oregon!

I can't wait to see what the mailbox delivers this month.....


  1. Wow! These look great. Are you doing a whole quilt with it?

  2. Oh they are wonderful! Great colors and way to use your book!


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