Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Quilt Photography Workshop~

My camera takes wonderful pictures.
I set it on auto, point, shoot,
and usually I am lucky to have a good one!

I really want to learn to take better pictures,
with a little more control of how they turn out.

Plum and June

So, I am working on a little bit each month...

August's theme:  Fabric ~

I chose to take them outside near a friend's flowers.
All are the same 55mm lens and 100 ISO.  
The clouds kept alternating with sunshine, which changed things a bit.

All Auto f/5.6 1/125 sec
Then I tried the camera in manual options with auto focus..

f/3.2 1/320
fading out with too much exposure

f/2.5 1/400
even more faded..

f/4 1/125

Up close f/2.8 1/250

 f/2.8 1/250
Added a little manual focus here..

A view from the top f/5.6 1/125

These fabrics are all from IKEA.  
I had no idea they had such fun ones!
Still need to work on the shooting though.

Twenty-one photos.....


  1. I just loved the fifth photograph that you have taken, the one with the blurred background.

    To me there is so much colour, it's wonderful! Perhaps a little too much?

  2. I prefer the 5th, too, and also the last one. I think I like that one because I can see the fun prints a little better, too.

    The shots are nice and crisp and the colors look true. Way to go!

  3. All pictures look great but really love the 5th and 7th....doesn't Ikea have the best fabric?! The colorful background looks amazing with all of the color in the fabric, great job!


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