Saturday, August 17, 2013

All Bagged Out~

This summer the Nursing Daughter celebrated her
21st birthday at home.

In an effort to avoid thinking about her leaving,
I immersed myself in creative bag making!
I may have gotten carried away, but it was SO much fun!!

At first I was going to make just The Locked and Loaded bag by Sew Sweetness
In February I had a lot of fun testing this pattern and my daughter,
had requested one of her own.
Sara makes great patterns if you are interested in trying one of her cute bags.  
She also has a book coming out, Big City Bags.

Inside I added a second zippered pocket, flannel lining and a D-ring.

Then I made MichellePatterns "Harder" Dumpling Bag 
and my smaller mini with hooks to hang inside.

She will be doing 12-hr rotations at school as part of her training,
and that means packing a breakfast/lunch.
So..... a girl needs a stylin' lunch bag to carry it all in!
I again used ripstop for easy cleaning,  but added loops on this one--
one inside and another on the outside.
The little hexagon bag is for keys....or milk money ;o)

This was first attempt at a paper-piecing.  
It is hard to tell, but it is a cupcake.
Above it there are 21 candles-sort of...
It didn't quite turn out like I envisioned, but it was fun to try
and she understood the gist of it.

The other side was her Alaska view.
It is lined with a pretty purple and gold stars cotton.

Shoes are a big part of her day because she runs for her school.
Keeping them organized by miles, purpose, etc., can be a challenge,
sew I decided to try a shoe bag.
The laminates were really easy to work with
for the shoe bag and mini dumpling spike bag.
Now she can keep her racing shoes and spikes together
to grab as she runs out the door.

She was ready to hit the ground running 
when she went back to school.....

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  1. The bags are wonderful. I can't believe you managed to make so many different ones for every occasion. I love the way you managed to send a little view of home on the back of the zippered pouch. The little hexie purse on the lunch bag is really cute.


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