Saturday, November 16, 2013

November Photo Workshop~

Another lesson to improve my pictures.
Or attempt anyway ;-)
This month's assignment was using the White Balance Control
and adjusting it as needed...

First I went outside and used the auto everything.
My camera is so smart!

Then I started playing.  
I switched to Direct Sunlight since that is where I was.
A bit of a wipe-out at 1250 sec f/2.5 100 ISO

A little more visible at 125 sec

One more try at 250

 I then attempted a custom setting using a grey card 
included in my book..

I think the custom turned out better than using an auto correct in the computer 
after the shot.

 But I still need to practice...a lot.....

Check out others who are working on their pictures as well!
You can join in anytime.
The next assignment will be January!

Plum and June

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  1. Great experiment! I agree with you that the custom looks really good. Thanks for linking up.


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